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Live Sessions - StartUp Course

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StartUp Course


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Live Sessions - StartUp Course

Under Live sessions, you virtually interact with the coaches and your fellow entrepreneurs at the same time. The sessions are based on a highly interactive model where participants, with guidance from the coach, share thoughts and ideas with each other. Participants also receive individual sessions with coaches, where their enterprise is critically analyzed. Successful and inspirational entrepreneurs/business owners are hosted on specific live sessions to share their experiences and tips with the participants.


Payment options

100% Payment Scheme (Click "Enroll Now" to proceed to the Payment Portal)

- Uninterrupted fulltime-access to all training material

- Payable prior to the training - and not later than 6 days from the Introduction Call which is the first training call 


50% Payment Scheme (Click "Submit request for 50% Payment')

- Controlled access to the training content

- Clear 50% of the training fee within 6 days from the Introduction call

- Clear the 50% balance before the 7th week of the training duration